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With over a decade of experience we're here to help you.

Welcome to, we invite you to explore the site to get a better understanding of the range of services provided. Our product based service experience has works ranging from industrial design, research and development, product design, artifact design. However, within the last few year we have expanded our portfolio to incorporate graphic design, marketing design, UI & UX as well as business consultation and the production and development of educational resources for design based subjects. 

Ideation. Conceptualization. Creation.


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Our Services

VR Goggles

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Sir Winston S. Churchill



This section hopes to reduce any confusion and streamline the ideation and conceptualization of your project into its outcome. if your enquiry cant be seen below please feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you and answer any of your questions or queries. 


Product Design FAQ's:

01-Defining Your
Products Purpose: 

​Customers often want to understand the core purpose of a product. We will provide guidance on clarifying its objective and how it addresses market needs. Providing consumers with a clear understanding of what to expect and how it can benefit them.

Market Research

How did you identify the target audience for your product? Customers are interested in knowing how the target audience was determined. Explaining the market research methods used, such as surveys, focus groups, or analyzing customer data, can assure customers that the website or product is specifically designed to cater to their needs and preferences.

03-Making you
stand out:

What sets your product apart from competitors? Customers often want to differentiate between various options available to them. we can help highlight unique selling points or competitive advantages of the product and can help customers understand why it stands out from the crowd. This could include factors like superior functionality, better pricing, exceptional customer support, or any other distinctive aspect that adds value for the customer.

Graphic Design FAQ's:

01-What is your experience
in graphic design?

With nearly a decade of graphic design works, JHD.Design has spanned approximately 8 years and numerous contract. From logo development, cemcept art, fashion design and digital marketing. JHD.Design has the experince and skillset to best support your project.

02-What is your design process &                          How do we ensure client satisfaction?

Projects can differ dramtically and as such so does the best suited process to tackle it. Here at JHD.Design we want to ensure that you are satisfied throughout the evolution of your ideation. Informing you of the steps involved, how feedback and revisions are handled, and the level of intended collaboration with clients. Explaining the chosen design process, communication channels, and our commitment to understanding and meeting client expectations. Instilling confidence in our ability to deliver a suitable outcomes!

03-What is the turnaround time                                    For design projects?

Upon intitial review of the brief/ specification. We will provide a rough estimation and breakdown of project aspects. Highlighting our predicted timespan and the 'stepping stones' we set out to clear along the timeline. Each project has its own specified time line and can last anywhere from 12hours to 6 months depending on the scale and the complexity. Enquire today for a rough approximation.

Consultation FAQ's:

01-How Can Consultation
Increase efficiency? 

Our business & design consultants can provide an objective perspective and expertise to help identify areas for improvement in your company. They can analyze your operations, strategies, and processes, and offer recommendations to enhance efficiency, productivity, profitability, and overall performance. Our consultants bring in-depth industry knowledge and best practices to help you achieve your business goals.

02-How long will it take to see results from working with a business consultant?

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on the specific challenges and scope of the engagement. A business consultant will typically conduct a thorough analysis of your business, develop a tailored plan, and work collaboratively with you to implement changes. The timeframe for seeing tangible results will depend on the complexity of the issues, the commitment to implementing recommended changes, and other factors unique to your business. Clear communication and alignment of expectations with the consultant can help manage timelines effectively.

03-How will a business consultant work with my team and ensure successful implementation?

Our consultants typically work closely with your team to ensure successful implementation of recommended strategies. They collaborate with key stakeholders, conduct interviews, and facilitate workshops or training sessions. Our consultants can help build internal buy-in, create accountability mechanisms, and provide guidance and support throughout the implementation process. Regular progress updates, performance tracking, and ongoing communication are vital to ensure alignment and maximize the value derived from our consultant's expertise.

Educational Resources FAQ's:

01-Is the learning resource aligned with the curriculum standards I work in?

Most materials are specified when showcased as to which criteria they are aligned to, with a focus around UK based curriculums such as AQA, GCP & Edexcel. However alot of the material is transferable between design based subject curriculums.

02-Does the learning resource offer differentiated instruction for diverse learners?

Our materials aspire to reduce barriers for learners by producing materials to support all. These resources provide differentiated instruction, offer various approaches to accommodate the diverse needs and learning styles of students. This allows teachers to address the individual strengths and challenges of their students, promoting engagement and personalized learning experiences. Differentiation can include adaptations for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, as well as support for English language learners or students with special educational needs. With aims of Reducing Teacher workload whilst increasing student engagement and retention.

03-Does the learning resource provide assessment and progress tracking tools?

Its important to JHD.Design that our resources prepare students for holistic learning. That being said the resources have been designed to cover formative and sumative assesment the learning resources that offer assessment and progress tracking tools,support teachers in monitoring student performance, and understanding their progress. These tools may include formative assessments, quizzes, or progress reports. They enable teachers to identify areas of strength and weakness, provide timely feedback, and adjust instruction accordingly. Additionally, progress tracking tools can assist in data-driven decision-making and inform interventions or individualized support for students. Look through our resource packs for more insight.

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